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What Our Members Say…

In these times where so many people are acting out of fear and ignorance, feeling alone and powerless, and denying our collective human traumas and climate catastrophes, it has truly been a blessing to interact with other intentional community members, founders, students, teachers and activists.  We give special thanks for the sense of inspiration and possibility that we experience regularly from our connections with FIC.  Thank you.

Michael and Angela, FIC Members

Encountering intentional community was a life-changing event. In the 33 years since, I’ve forged deep, enduring friendships, reared twin daughters to adulthood, and enjoyed steadfast partners in caring for self, others, and the Earth. Life has been at once rich and simple. Thank you, FIC, for making the benefits of intentional community accessible for so many.

Robin, Magic Community, FIC Member

Thank you for the profound impact FIC has made on my life. I struggled for years about how to approach joining a community. FIC’s resources and teachers have empowered to start reaching out for help. That is worth more than any monetary donation I could possibly give.

Harry, FIC Member

Finding the FIC’s platform is comparable to finding a long lost treasure. Not only is it easy to navigate the resources on their website, the leadership of this initiative is well experienced and very attentive to members and potential future ones. Do not underestimate the extent and quality of the information you’ll acquire from one of the many workshops and resources offered.

Mary S., FIC Member

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