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Why This Matters

By becoming an FIC affiliate, you are helping us reach a wider audience who are ready to learn about intentional community and cooperative culture. In return, you will receive 10% of every book sale, all course sales, and all event sales made using your referral. Higher commissions may be created in special circumstances. 

We believe intentional communities provide a unique opportunity to address a variety of issues from social isolation to climate disruption. And we believe that our planet would benefit from more people knowing about intentional community and the way of being and relating that it models.

As places for sharing lives, resources, land, and purpose, they provide and maximize an interconnected set of ecological, social, and economic benefits. Help us share our work by signing up for our affiliate program!

How it Works

Get started at the form below. If you are not already logged into your user account, you will be prompted to do so first. Once logged in, you will see a quick and simple affiliate application to complete.

Use your special affiliate reference code to share news about upcoming FIC events or courses or books you recommend. Everytime someone in your network makes a purchase using your unique link, you receive 10% of the sale!

You can use the affiliate area to create your custom links, track your earnings and visits, and grab custom designed creatives for sharing on social media and embedding on your own website. Your affiliate area is also located in your account settings

Payout Options

Store Credit – We encourage you to receive your payment as store credit. Store credit can be used for anything on our website including books, online learning, advertisements, membership or a donation to FIC. To do so, simply check the box below “I want to be paid in store credit.” Payouts are issued monthly at any threshold. We will send you a store credit coupon code to use at checkout.

Paypal – Alternatively, all cash payouts are issued through Paypal. Please provide your paypal email address on the form below. Payouts are issued monthly over a $10 USD threshold.

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Love from our Affiliates

“The FIC is one of my favorite organizations on the planet. They promote outside-the-box community-based solutions to social isolation, environmental devastation, and economic oppression. And they walk their talk – they share the wealth so beautifully. Their affiliate program allows kickbacks for those of us who promote their events. Bringing more awareness about the community’s movement is a reward in and of itself, but getting compensated for it is such a sweet added bonus. I appreciate the FIC for being so fair-minded and practicing mutually beneficial economics. It’s a double incentive for promoting their important work.” ~ Lee Warren, course instructor