Inside Community podcast takes an inside look at the beautiful and messy realities of creating and sustaining an intentional community.

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Preventing and Mending the Fissures with Dr. Jessica Plancich Shinners

Ep 026 – We’re closing out our second season with an examination of how to navigate inevitable interpersonal conflict and move towards restored connection. How we process our own pain and trauma and interact with the trauma of others offers rich opportunities for growth and learning. Read more…

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion with Crystal Byrd Farmer

Ep 025 – Crystal Byrd Farmer covers code switching, how to have safe conversations, microaggressions, call out culture, hidden diversities, tools and resources, and how to create communities and spaces that are welcoming to all people….Read more…

Bonus: Centering and Preparing for Birth with Monique Gauthier

BONUS EPISODE – Monique leads us through the centering meditation she does with her midwifery clients as they arrive in her office as well as shares some very practical tools for expecting families to…Read more…

Community Supported Birth with Monique Gauthier

Ep 024 – Bringing new life into the world requires levels of support practically unheard of in modern, western culture… unless you’ve cultivated community that is up for the task! Seasoned midwife…Read more…

New Visions for the Communities Movement with Daniel Greenberg

Ep 023 – As we close out 2023, it’s time to take stock of the Communities Movement and consider where we might be headed in the future. In this episode we are joined by new FIC co-director Daniel Greenberg… Read more…

Cults! The good, the bad, and the ugly with Jesse Stone

Ep 022 – Jesse Stone, co-host of the ⁠Cults I’d Join⁠ podcast comes on the show to shed some light on the upside of cults while giving us some helpful advice on what to look out for if manipulation just isn’t for you. Read more…

Community Held Death and Dying with Angela Franklin

Ep 021 – Angela Franklin talks about the possibilities of end of life and death care, how communities and individuals can reimagine how they view their final days, how to plan for the end, and the importance of…Read more

Central Leader Communities with “Evil Dictator” Paul Wheaton

Ep 020 – Paul Wheaton talks about the benefits of top-down power structures and the great responsibility that comes with taking on the role.

Intimacy in Community with Dave Booda

Ep 019 – Hear from intimacy nerd Dave Booda, about why intimacy is so important, get new ideas on prompts that can lead towards deeper connection…Read More

Aging Well Together with Margaret Critchlow

Ep 018 – Hear from Margaret Critchlow, PhD., about finding connection as an older person, and building communities where elders can thrive emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Read More

Raising Children in Community with Amy Saloner

Ep 017 – Amy Saloner explores the joys and challenges of raising children in community, and how to create a more child-friendly community… Read More

Reclaiming Placemaking for Liberation with Ridhi D’Cruz

Ep 016 – Ridhi D’Cruz approaches the topic of Placemaking from a liberatory and healing perspective… Read More

Designing Shared Spaces with Bryan Bowen

Ep 015 – Hear from Bryan Bowen about the ins and outs of designing sustainable spaces for healthy, connected, thriving humans from a design perspective… Read More

Season 2 Trailer

Welcome back to Season 2 of the Inside Community Podcast! On this show we explore the beautiful and messy realities of living inside community and this season we are… Read More

Episode 14 - Yana, Sky and Cassandra
State of the Communities Movement with Yana, Sky and Cassandra

Ep 014 – Join communities experts Yana Ludwig, Sky Blue, and Cassandra Ferrera for a panel discussion… Read More

Episode 13 - Anthony 'Campo' Campbell
Visiting Communities with Anthony ‘Campo’ Campbell

Ep 013 – Listen to ideas on how to best engage with communities you would like to visit, so you and… Read More

Ted Rau
Creating Inclusivity with Sociocracy with Ted Rau

Ep 012 – Hear Ted Rau share how sociocracy brings an incredible opportunity to cooperative groups to embody higher levels… Read More

Trish Becker
Exploring Cohousing with Trish Becker

Ep 011 – Cohousing benefits include autonomy, resource sharing, social and emotional connection, and a model for engagement and democracy that reaches… Read More

Episode 10 - Alyson Ewald
Navigating Conflict and Restoring Connection with Alyson Ewald

Ep 010 – Conflict is inevitable. Alyson Ewald shares how to have a good fight and transform harm into… Read More

Skillfull Facilitation for Any Situation with Laird Schaub

Ep 09 – Moving groups through tough decisions can be tricky, if not impossible, without a skilled and well-trained… Read More

Podcast Episode 8 Sky Blue
Income Sharing & Innovating Economy with Sky Blue

Ep 08 – In this episode, I’m joined by Sky Blue to discuss income sharing and innovating economic models… Read More

Podcast Episode 7 - Diana Leafe Christian
Governance & Decision Making with Diana Leafe Christian

Ep 07 – When it comes to deciding who gets to make decisions and how decisions get made, the… Read More

Podcast Episode 4 - Yana Ludwig
Facilitation and Politics with Yana Ludwig

Bonus Episode 04 – [Part II] This is a bonus conversation from episode 04 on Finding Co-Founders and Creating Cooperative Culture. Enjoy!… Read More

Podcast Episode 6 - Jonah Mesritz
Finding Your Land with Jonah Mesritz

Ep. 06 – Sometimes the community dream only starts to “feel real” when the time finally comes for forming groups to… Read More

Podcast Episode 5 - Clifford Paulin
Demystifying Legal Frameworks with Clifford Paulin & Jonah Mesritz

Ep. 05 – Do legal structures and documents make your head spin? Fear not! In this episode we’re… Read More

Podcast Episode 4 - Yana Ludwig
Finding Co-Founders and Creating Cooperative Culture with Yana Ludwig

Ep. 04 – [Part I] Thinking of starting an intentional community? The first step is finding “your people”… Read More

Podcast Episode 3 - Lee Warren
Becoming a Steward of the Commons with Lee Warren

Ep. 03 – There are many communities out there looking for capable and eager new members to become… Read More

Vision and Values with Dave Henson

Ep. 02 – This episode explores the topic of Mission, Vision, and Values in community. These guiding principles and founding documents help communities determine who they are and what they do.  In many ways, this is the “intention” part of intentional community. Joining me on a deep dive into this topic is Dave Henson. Read More

Starting an Intentional Community
What is Community? Fantasy vs. Reality

Ep. 01 – Hello friends and welcome to the Inside Community Podcast where I bring you along for an inside look at what it takes to create and sustain community.  In this episode we are going to take a look at what we actually mean when we say “community.” Read More

Why me? Why now? The Introduction

Ep. 00 – In this episode, I take a moment to introduce myself, tell you a little bit about my journey… Read More

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About the Podcast

The Inside Community Podcast brings folks along for an inside look at all of the beautiful and messy realities of creating and sustaining a community. We provide useful and inspiring content to support people on their quest for resilience, sustainability, and connection.

Through essays and interviews with experts, we examine a variety of topics related to communal living — from governance and decision making to ownership models, from navigating coparenting to navigating finances, from how to find your people to how to actually live with them. Whether you are wondering what it would be like to live with friends, share resources, and explore a more interconnected way of being, or live in community, and are looking for tips and tricks to overcome your community’s latest hurdle, the Inside Community Podcast will meet you where you are on your journey with topical episodes and fearless investigations. 

Meet Your Host

Inside Community Podcast host Rebecca Mesritz is a community builder living in Williams, Oregon.  In 2011, Rebecca co-founded the Emerald Village (EVO) in North County San Diego, California.  During her ten years with EVO, she supported and led numerous programs and initiatives including implementation and training of the community in Sociocracy, establishment of the Animal Husbandry program, leadership of the Land Circle, hosting numerous internal and external community events, and participation in the Human Relations Circle which holds the relational, spiritual and emotional container for their work. 

In June of 2021, with the blessing of EVO, Rebecca and 3 other co-founders relocated to begin a new, mission- driven community and learning center housed on 160 acres of forest and farmland.  Rebecca is passionate about communal living and sees intentional community as a tool for both personal and cultural transformation. In addition to her work in this field, she also holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from San Diego State University and creates functional, public, and interactive art in metal, wood, and pretty much any other material she can get her hands on. She’s currently growing Bound for Color, creating and selling bespoke and naturally dyed art, homegoods and wearables. She is a mother, a wife, an educator, a nurturer of gardens, an epicurean lover of sustainable wholesome food, and a cultivator of compassion and beauty.

The Inside Community Podcast is sponsored by the Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC). Reach out if you are interested in sponsorship or advertisement opportunities on the podcast.