Three Tucson Communities Open Their Doors For National Cohousing Day

Posted on April 18, 2016 by

National Cohousing Open House Day is coming up in just over a week, and dozens of communities will be welcoming guests for tours and other free activities. You can check out the map at to find a community near you.

Please RSVP to the Facebook event and invite your friends so we can get the word out. You can also follow on their official Facebook page.


This week, we’re spotlighting three communities in Tucson, AZ that are participating in the event. Milagro Cohousing will be offering a tour, snacks, a video presentation, and more. Milagro is a multi-generational cohousing project with 28 homes on 43 acres – just a 12-minute drive from downtown:

“Through rezoning and variances we were able to cluster our homes on 8 acres of private homes and community facilities, leaving 35 acres for undisturbed open space…. At Milagro you can contemplate amazing views, watch the dramatic changing of the desert seasons, meet the wildlife of the Sonoran Desert, exercise, or meditate in the midst of nature.”

Another nearby community, Stone Curves, celebrated its 10-year anniversary last year. Like Milagro, Stone Curves is multi-generational, with community facilities clustered in the center and parking located along the edges of the 5.1 acre space. The community includes gardens, playgrounds, dog and chicken areas, and a shared dining space. There 120 residents living in just under 50 homes.

A third community, Sonora Cohousing, is also welcoming guests. Similar in size to Stone Curves, it’s located in an urban area, close to the University of Arizona:

“This community of adults and children is not built around an ideological principle; rather, we seek a diversity of backgrounds, ages and opinions, with our one shared value being the commitment to working out our problems and finding consensus solutions which satisfy all members.”

These are just a few of the communities participating in National Cohousing Open House Day. Don’t forget to check out the map at and the Facebook event to find one close to you. Leave a comment below letting us know which one you plan to visit!

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