Planet Community

Planet Community is a video series exploring intentional communities that are living better by living together. Wonder what can happen when people work together to create solutions to the social, economic, and ecological issues we face today? Find out by meeting these communities!

Produced in cooperation with Skillly Media in 2018.

Intentional Community Documentaries

Peak inside intentional communities throughout the US and across the globe.

Aging Gratefully, Volume 4:
Covid-19, Catharsis, and Community
by Alan O’Hashi

If we’ve learned anything from staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, is what it’s like to be isolated and lonely. What can we learn from cohousing communities about why collaborating with others is so important for our physical and mental health? How can we reimagine a different American Way that emphasizes cooperation and consensus above winning and losing; balancing the needs of the individual with those of the whole?

Ecovillage Pioneers: A Journey Towards Low-Impact Living

Within Reach: Journey to Find Sustainable Community

Visions of Utopia: Experiments in Sustainable Culture

Follow the Dirt Road: Uncovering Intentional Communities

Voices of Cohousing: Building Small Villages in the City

A New We: Ecological Communities in Europe