How can we bring more life to meetings?

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Community Bookstore Featured
Group Works card deck

by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

Group WorksGroup Works card deck
A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings
created by the Group Pattern Language Project
NEW! $35

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the organizing, role-setting, and facilitation of a meeting? Perhaps you want to make sure everyone has an equal role, but how can you ensure this will happen? For some, planning or hosting a group meeting can feel abstract and difficult to conceptualize.

The Group Works card deck is a tangible, active, and versatile approach to group dynamics and facilitation. Mix and match, re-organize, share and pass around. This deck is for tactile, visual, and conceptual-lovers alike!

Each card is noted by one of nine “pattern categories,” from Intention set for the group to Faith in the group’s natural process. The card contains the title of the card (an essential piece within its category), an image for the title and a short description.

Ways to use the deck can include but not limited to: for self-reflection (“what patterns do I feel strong at and which do I need to work on?”), for visually sequencing a meeting (choose the cards with the steps you want to take), for encouraging members to take on new roles by selecting a card at random, or for practicing a hypothetical situation by creating a story with randomly selected cards.

The ways in which the cards can be used are only limited by one’s imagination!

Order Your Set Now!

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