Learn how to find and join the intentional community that’s right for you.

Finding Your Community

On-Demand Course | Launching end of August 2022

Dreaming about community living? Want to live more sustainably and have stronger relationships with your neighbors? Ready to become part of something bigger than yourself? Intentional community could be the answer for you. Gain confidence in your ability to find, contact, visit, join, and ultimately live in the community that’s best for you.

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Thousands of people from all walks of life are joining intentional communities, such as ecovillage, cohousing, coliving or permaculture communities. They are finding greater connecting, meaning and belonging through community living. And it is no wonder! Humans are designed to live in close social circles, but modern fast-paced lifestyles and nuclear family housing only brings us further apart.

Having visited well over a hundred communities, Cynthia Tina will be your guide to the wide world of intentional communities.

You will leave this course with…

  • A step-by-step guide for how to join an intentional community
  • Tips for how to know if you are cut out for community living
  • Benefits and challenges of community living
  • Insight as to whether you shoudl start a community or join one
  • How to develop your search criteria and which research tools to use
  • Review of the community types and examples from around the world
  • Typical membership processes for communnities
  • Decision-making and economic systems to become familiar with
  • Housing models and affordable options for low-income individuals
  • Advice for contacting communities and planning a communities tour
  • Warning signs when assessing a community
  • Advice for adapting to communal life and other training resources
  • Networking opportunities with fellow seekers

Say Hello to Your Instructor

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Cynthia Tina

Cynthia is the “community matchmaker” helping people join the hundreds of intentional communities she has visited and worked with around the globe. She is a speaker, educator, and co-director of the Foundation for Intentional Community (ic.org). Her mission is to strengthen the bridge between sustainable communities and mainstream society. After a decade of travel, Cynthia now lives at an ecovillage in Vermont where she’s building a passive solar home, tending a garden, and guiding yoga classes. She has a B.A. in Sustainability from Goddard College, as well as certifications in Ecovillage and Permaculture design. Learn more and book a community matchmaking session with Cynthia at www.cynthiatina.com.

The On-Demand Course Experience

Go at Your Own Pace

Learn at your own pace with a course that fits your schedule. You’ll have a full 90 days to move through the learning material. One section at a time, when and where it works for you.

Build Your Network

Each month there’ll be a live session with your instructor and fellow students to get your questions answered. You’ll be able to converse and build shared knowledge through a dedicated discussion portal.

Deepen Your Learning

Each module includes an instructional video, learning materials, exercises, and assignments designed to support your comprehension in the ways we all learn differently.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Overview
  • Module 2: Deciding if Community is Right for You
  • Module 3: Types of People in Community
  • Module 4: Drafting a Community Wishlist
  • Module 5: Types of Intentional Communities
  • Module 6: ResearchTools
  • Module 7: World Tour of Communities
  • Module 8: Key Considerations
  • Module 9: Contacting Communities
  • Module 10: Planing a Communities Tour
  • Module 11: Evaluating and Deciding on a Community
  • Module 12: Membership Processes
  • Module 13: Living in Community
  • Module 14: Further Learning Opportunities
  • Module 15: Review and Wrap Up


This course has made a long-time dream tangible. Even though short, the course was son intensive that it really helped me to understand what type of community I hope for, and might best fit into. It was fascinating to realize how many types of communities there are, and how man people, I think the numbers will increase exponentially, are seeking community. This has helped me a great deal to feel less stuck and less isolated. I so much appreciated Cynthia’s closing comment “welcome to the community of community seekers”, really! Thank you.

– Bronwyn Llewellyn-LIttlewolf

The whole course really lived up to my expectations and beyond in terms of introducing me to a whole new world of intentional community as this was the first time that I’ve started to explore this new way of living more deeply. This gave me the push I needed to keep researching and exploring so many options and opportunities for the future. I found Cynthia’s approach to the course also very detailed, thorough and valuable as the content of each week’s material really made me question a lot of hidden aspects of community living in tackling diversity, connection, culture and relationships.

Jonahan Thangarajah

Cynthia has a wealth of information about IC’s around the world, and presented in a way that felt welcoming and inclusive. The breakout groups helped me get a sense of the diversity of the backgrounds of people interested in intentional community. 

Allison S..

Cynthia proved to be an excellent ally in assisting me in my search for ecovillages and communities. She was super knowledgeable, thorough, kind, thoughtful, and an excellent listener. I felt very inspired and hopeful after our session.

Adam Morrison


Finding Your Community Course


Confidently pursue a life in the intentional community of your dreams with this online course designed for community seekers.

By pre-registering you will have access to this course as soon as it is available (August 2022). Check your email once completing registration for an email from orders@ic.org.

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