Best of Communities: II. Seeking and Visiting Community

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II. Seeking and Visiting Community

If you’re seriously interested in community living, all experts agree that you’re wise to visit first. Not just because reality may not align exactly with the mental image you had based on written descriptions or phone calls, but because what you think you want and what you actually want aren’t necessarily the same thing, and it’s far cheaper to discover that before you sell your home and move to another zip code.

These 14 articles address in Seeking and Visiting Community how to get the most out of community visits, and also share diverse stories of community exploration. They walk you through the etiquette of setting up a visit (hint: don’t drop in unannounced), how to put your hosts at ease, and how to ask the right questions.They also provide tips to communities themselves on how to deal optimally with community-seekers.

This issue includes the following articles:

1. Red Carpets and Slammed Doors: Visiting Communities by Geoph Kozeny, Directory 2007
2. Visiting Communities: Tips for Guests and Hosts by Julie Pennington, #122
3. The Art and Ethics of Visitor Programs by Blake Cothron, #155
4. Planning a Community Visit by Julie Pennington, #122

5. Excerpts from a Community Seeker’s Journal by Sue Stone, #122
6. The Dilettante’s Journey, Part I: How Do You Pick a Community to Join if You’re Interested in . . . EVERYTHING? by Frank Beaty, #132
7. The Dilettante’s Journey, Part II: How Do You Pick a Community to Join if You’re Interested in . . . EVERYTHING? by Frank Beaty, #133
8. What Interns and Work Exchangers Say About Us by Darin Fenger, #134
9. Wilderness Journeys Meet Cooperative Culture:Teens in Community on the Trail by Mary Murphy, #160
10. A Mental Health Patient Seeks (But Does Not Find) Religious Community by John Wachter, #150
11. Nashira: An Ecovillage from the Grassroots by Giovanni Ciarlo, #156
12. Ecovillage Radio by Russ Purvis, #156
13. Hopeful New Stories from the Old World: A New We by Chris Roth, #150
14. Cycling toward Sustainable Community: Within Reach by Chris Roth, #157


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