Communities Directory Book, 7th Edition

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A more cooperative world is possible.

If we were to put the entire history of humankind into a 24-hour-day, it would only be in the past couple minutes that civilization has looked like this.

Pollution. Exploitation. Isolation. Disparity. Symptoms of a society out of control, and certainly not one that was designed to last.

But what if we could live differently?

It turns out, more than 100,000 people already are, in ecovillages, cohousing, communes, and communities of all kinds around the world. They’re working together to create fair, sustainable, and satisfying models of society.

How can you find intentional communities?

The answer is the Communities Directory — an online and printed catalog of intentional communities in the US, and all over the planet.

For 35 years the Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC) has been building, innovating, and keeping this catalog fresh.

A book to find the community that suits you!

In addition to profiling more than 1,200 communities, the book includes full-page maps showing where communities are located, charts that compare communities by more than 30 different qualities, and an easy index to find communities interested in specific pursuits.

Guide to Intentional Communities & Cooperative Living

This epic book includes tons of bonus content, including articles on how to start or join a community, the basics of group dynamics and decision-making, and countless resources and links to help your community thrive!

7th Edition Communities Directory Book

Digital edition: PDF, readable with Adobe Reader.

Details: 2016, paperbound, 8-1/2 x 11 inches, Over 600 pages!

  • LISTINGS: Descriptions from over 1,200 intentional communities in North America and over 250 from around the world. Entries offer contact information, core values, availability for visits, and a glimpse of the vision that holds them together.
  • MAPS: Maps showing community locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and all around the world. The regional maps are great for trip planning and show proximity to cities and other communities.
  • CHARTS: A fast and easy reference. Searching for a large, urban ecovillage? Just use the handy chart to quickly find the community that meets your needs.
  • ARTICLES: Covers the basics of intentional community including what they are, how to visit, and the state of the communities movement.

Praise for the Communities Directory Book:

The Communities Directory is one of my favorite books. It is so clearly the best book for anyone who wants to live community. The articles are the fantastic nuts and bolts of making community, written by many so that one can get a wide selection of voices. The listing of communities is a cornucopia of free better homes and gardens; an invitation to a much deeper kind of wealth and economy, asking only for your joyful effort. The resources and index are gold. All this in one book? Should be illegal. If humankind is to survive, it will be because it learns to live community. This is its guidebook–please get it.” —Patch Adams, Gesundheit! Institute

There’s never been a moment when we need connection quite as badly: connection between people who have figured out new/old ways of living on this planet. This book is a resource, because the communities in this book are a resource. I mean that quite literally — the wisdom embedded in these communities is one of the few forces strong enough to make a real difference in the epic fight for the earth’s future.— Bill McKibben, environmental educator, Author of Deep Economy and Eaarth

The Communities Directory is a vital reference for anyone seeking, living in, doing business with, or studying intentional communities or collective working endeavors.— Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance and The Fifth Sacred Thing

The Communities Directory is no mere catalogue or book. It is already a profound and shining artifact of our transformative age. It is a map of social vision and leadership that will help us thrive right now and in the times ahead.— Mark Lakeman, Director of City Repair in Portland OR

The Communities Directory is a map to getting out of social isolation and into connection — doing something good for yourself, others, and the environment . . . and have fun doing it.— Chuck Durrett, co-author of Cohousing, which brought the Danish import to the US