Cohousing Starter Bundle


What is cohousing and how might it work for you?

Start your journey exploring cohousing with four books that offer basic understanding, nuts and bolts, and personal stories.

Buy in bundle and save 30%!


Cohousing Starter Bundle

Cohousing – a type of intentional community – often gets acclaimed media attention for its alternative to conventional household living in urban settings. What is this phenomena you have been reading about? What does a starter like me need to understand?

Cohousing may be a new term to you, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery.

Get started with this bundle of paperback books and receive 30% off the entire retail price.

With this bundle you will:

  • Better understand what cohousing is and how it is unique to other types of intentional communities
  • Gain knowledge of best practices for starting development in your city
  • Get a personal and intimate peak inside a number of cohousing communities through the lens of its residents
  • Read stories and glean insights from founders on best practices and lessons learned


Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities

by Kathryn McCamant & Charles Durrett
Start your journey with an in-depth exploration of cohousing through one of the most well-known and sought-after books on cohousing. Written by award-winning leaders in the cohousing movement, McCamant and Durrett present the foundational qualities of a cohousing community and the nuts and bolts of practical considerations and design ideas for creating one.


Cohousing for Life: A Practical and Personal Story of Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood

by Robin Allison
Next, journey with author Robin Allison as she shares her experience developing the first cohousing community in New Zealand. A personal story indeed, Cohousing for Life is also a manual built from her lessons learned. Robin details the key elements and structures that were critical to achieving their goal, allowing a group of diverse individuals with ordinary lives and skills to work together over many years to create a large, innovative, housing development. You can glean the wisdom from their experience for your own endeavors.


Best of Communities XII: Cohousing

by Communities magazine, Foundation for Intentional Community
Why stop at one experience when we have compiled articles from many voices? In this Best of Communities series, we have distilled 15 articles from back issues of Communities magazine all on the topic of creating, developing, and living in cohousing. You will better understand what cohousing is, hear from cohousing founders and residents, and gain insight from their triumphs and trials.



We Built a Village: Cohousing and the Commons

by Diane Rothbard Margolis
Cohousing is often in an especially unique position to be both building residential homes while also building social infrastructure. Often in urban settings, cohousing is where urban development meets community capacity-building. As both a memoir and a sociological analysis, We Built a Village describes the process of planning and building their community in Cambridge, MA, and the way the founders set in motion a counterpoint between the physical spaces and the social configurations that would guide their lives together, even up to creative responses to the recent pandemic.

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