Best of Communities Magazine Compilation – Complete Set

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A compilation of the best articles from Communities magazine over 20 years.

Communities magazine is your leading publication for all topics related to intentional communities.

Purchase the complete 15-volume set here for a discounted price!



Best of Communities Magazine Compilation – The Complete Set

Communities magazine is the leading publication for all topics related to intentional community. From the broad-stroked overviews to the intimate details, this quarterly publication covers it all. With so much content to explore, we’ve distilled it into a single compilation!

Best of Communities is a 15-volume set of the best articles from Communities magazine over a 20 year period. Purchase as a set for a discounted price.

Each collection is comprised of 15-20 articles spanning the 1990’s and 2000’s with content that is just as relevant today. You will recognize authors leading the intentional community movement, representing cutting-edge thinking and how-to explorations of the social, ecological, and economic aspects of sustainable living.

The Best of Communities Magazine Complete Set includes the following 15 volumes:

I. Intentional Community Overview, and Starting a Community
II. Seeking and Visiting a Community
III. Leadership, Power, and Membership
IV. Good Meetings
V. Consensus
VI. Agreements, Conflict, and Communication
VII. Relationships, Intimacy, Health, and Well-Being
VIII. Children in Community
IX. Community for Elders
X. Sustainable Food, Energy, and Transportation
XI. Green Building, Ecovillage Design, and Land Preservation
XII. Cohousing
XIII. Cooperative Economics and Creating Community Where You Are
XIV. Challenges and Lessons of Community
XV. The Peripatetic Communitarian: The Best of Geoph Kozeny

Available in both print and ebook.

Communities magazine is now published by GEN-US

For over 30 years, the Foundation for Intentional Community had the pleasure to publish Communities magazine.
Although we are no longer its publisher, Communities is still alive and thriving with GEN-US. Subscribe to the magazine today!

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