Want to Make a REAL Difference to Solve Climate Change? 3 Openings in Elegant 18-Room Home.

by Ken
Communities with Openings
Lima, Peru

WisdomHaus is a warm community of vibrant people who are living on a fixed income and engaged in a powerful climate response mission.  You can live like family with us for as long as you like.

  • As our family planned for retirement we decided to opt out of loneliness, boredom, worthlessness, fear of aging, despair, the Medical Model with its chronic diseases, an assisted-living facility future, and all of the other “normal” images of aging in these times.
  • Have some of these uncertainties been burdening you?
  • Rather, we set out to live a truly vegan-healthy, vibrant, satisfying long life in a family environment of unconditional love, with a handful of self-supporting colleagues who would never think of letting anyone down.  From those images, plus our 30+ years of community leadership experience, WisdomHaus arose in October 2017.

Today, life at WisdomHaus is guided by a conscious design for joyful balanced living while working as a team to generate a powerful replicable response to the global warming crisis.  One of the delights of our life is that we frequently volunteer to prepare and serve delicious plant-based meals at the Community Kitchens in the hillside settlements of Lima.  And already people are asking if they can start a WisdomHaus where they currently live – we intend to help them change their lifestyle as we are already doing!   

Everything we have learned tells us that winning the global-warming race-against-time begins with calling forth committed massive engagement of people at the local level to rebalance the big-money control of our economy and environment.  We are contributing to that movement in a strategic way with our vegan lifestyle to disrupt the market of the climate-destructive and cruel Animal Agricultural Industry, which is now recognized as the principle cause of climate change. What we eat creates the climate.  The urgency of climate change now requires each one of us to stop eating animals.

Now we are looking for 3 motivated mature adults to join us to amplify our quality of community life and the impact of our service.  If you wish, you can explore a path to co-ownership in your own way, a step at a time.

  • Come visit WisdomHaus for a month and get to know us and the importance of our Climate Healers participation.  Check with us now for availability and make a deposit to hold your space.
  • If you like what you see and feel during that month, you can stay on for 3 months to get to know us well, and get engaged in the important work of our vegan mission.
  • Then if you’re attracted to the people, mission and lifestyle at WisdomHaus, you can commit for three years to settle in and see how you prosper here.  If you have a fixed income of at least $1,000/month we can help you obtain a permanent resident visa in Peru, and you can live securely with our low costs here for as long as you like.
  • Along the way, you might feel attracted to make this your home and become a co-director and an equal co-owner with us of this valuable WisdomHaus property, with no investment required.  The idea is security for each of us, and generational continuity for our vegan climate change mission!
  • All commitments are expected to be made in good faith, but can be changed at any time with reasonable notice.

Learn more about us, our lovely property, our comfortable bug-free year around mild dry climate, and our secure disease-free lifestyle in Magdalena del Mar, Peru, just a 10-minute walk from the Pacific Ocean.  No car needed – we walk everywhere for what we need and enjoy, with an occasional 50 cent bus ride.  We feel very Covid-19 secure as the protocols are 100% observed in the Magdalena District, and our house takes no risks.  www.wisdomhaus.org

And by the way, Dental Work is a bargain here – and it’s pain free. Our highly professional family dentist and pain-free support could make your joyful vegan experience at WisdomHaus free – or even better.