Slice of heaven on a Vermont cooperative homestead for sale

by cecilemgreen
Real Estate For Sale
Worcester, Vermont

Opportunity description:


Seeking home, community and sanctuary in a gorgeous and convenient location in Central Vermont?  We are a small homesteading community that enjoys growing our own food (not for market) and stewarding an amazing spot with stunning views nestled into the flanks of the Green Mountains located on a well-maintained dirt road, 5 min drive to Worcester Village, 20 minutes to Montpelier, 50 minutes to Burlington. There are several dwellings currently available for sale through a Tenancy in Common (more details below):

  • A jaw-dropping top floor apartment in the main house
  • A cosy walk-out basement apartment with lots of windows
  • A small quaint cabin in the woods


Housing descriptions:


The upstairs apartment in the two-story main house is 1125 sf with an open floor plan 2 bedrooms, one full bath.  Locally harvested maple flooring and a wall of windows and sliding glass doors facing the Worcester Range. Beautifully tiled hearth with wood stove, kitchen with lots of counters, front deck facing the mountains makes for a lovely breakfast nook. Timber frame wood shed is out the back door, along with access to several sheds. Shared working basement contains a woodshop, cold room, seedling starting space, washer and dryer. Asking price: $240,000.


The cosy one-bedroom, 475-square-foot basement apartment with bathroom across the hall in the basement features a full kitchen with dishwasher and a very large closet off the bedroom. Windows along one side of the apartment face the mountains fill the apartment with light. Shared working basement contains a woodshop, cold room, seedling starting space, washer and dryer. Asking price: $95,000.


The 275 sf cabin is privately located in the woods about 250 feet from the main house which offers a small basement bathroom for toileting needs. The kitchen includes propane stove, fridge, a sink with water access and a wall-mounted propane heater. Cabin has electricity and internet. Shared working basement contains a woodshop, cold room, seedling starting space, washer and dryer. Asking price: $30,000.


Land Description:


The 4 acre parcel includes professionally designed and maintained landscaping all around the house, 14,000 sf of no-till organic beds, granite stairs, and a large deck.  In addition: mature apple and pear trees, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and chickens! Moveable hoop house provides growing conditions for lots of summer veg and protects our winter crops so we have food into January and early in the Spring. A gorgeous fire circle for private and group use is also available and a hot tub is in the works. Hiking and skiing out the back door, with access to the CC Putnam State Forest a quarter of a mile away. Purchase includes an equal share of and access to the land. 


Tenancy in Common Homesteading Description:

We are a small community centered around growing ourselves, our own food, and creating a healing sanctuary for many creatures to enjoy. You can learn more about us here: This is a unique opportunity to buy a portion of the homestead and through your participation benefit from an equal share of the delicious food which includes vegetables, eggs, and fruit. Hours vary between 7 and 16 hours per week depending on the season and ongoing projects and are determined collectively in our winter planning.


We’re transitioning our model from a sole proprietorship to co-ownership of the land and property through a Tenancy in Common which is a form of ownership that allow multiple unrelated parties to own land together. 


Here’s a little bit more: “Ownership as tenants in common is the default ownership presumption when two or more persons(or entities) acquire property unless another provision is made in the deed. Equal ownership shares are not necessary. For example, one tenant in common could own a 75% interest in the property and the second could own 25%. (Regardless of ownership interest, each tenant in common has the full right to use the entire property, though they are free to make whatever agreement about possession of the property as they wish.)” (Vermont Department of Taxes, Property Ownership Guide for Assessing Officials, pg 2). 


We have Tenancy in Common Operating Agreements which allow us the opportunity to self-manage. Land taxes, insurance, and the cost of growing our food are split equally with fellow homestead members via a monthly carrying charge.


We are particularly interested in welcoming BIPOC and queer folks, as well as experienced homesteaders.

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