Seeking Families for Child-Centered Community in PNW

by Ladybird Everwild
Forming Communities
Olympia, WA

Hello Fellow Community Seekers,

Heartwood Homestead is excited to announce that we are under contract on 37 green acres 20 minutes south of Olympia, WA and are creating a child-centered cooperative homestead aspiring eco-village. Currently, we are at full capacity with 6 founding adult members with 3 children (ages 3, 4, and 5) and are moving forward with forming an LLC to finalize the land purchase this fall. The community will open with more opportunities to join in the future.

At this time, the community founders need ample time to connect with each other and the land before opening up to future interested families. We are not sure when the time will be right for this, as there are also legal, financial, and infrastructure considerations, but we would like to have several other families join in ownership in time.

If you are local and would like to be connected to our progress and happenings, including work parties and unschooling meet-ups, please be in touch!  Also, we’d love to hear from you if you are potentially interested in renting or joining the community within the next year or two. We fully support like-minded folks buying property nearby to expand our local community too!

We hope to have a few short-term rentals available next summer for people interested in visiting the community and staying overnight. We also would like to have longer-term rentals as an option around this time. Ownership options may open up in a year or two, and will likely include some time living on the land and getting to know the community before committing.

The land intends to host nature-based kids educational sessions including animal caretaking and organic gardening for local unschool/homeschooling families. We intend to invite guests onto the land to share in celebratory Earth-based gatherings and in time host artists in residency. We also hope to grow enough food for ourselves and be able to share that with the local community.

The foundational intentions of this community are to live more connected to nature and neighbors, raise our children in a *wild and free* setting, grow food and community organically, land stewardship, animal rescue, and climate change resilience. We hope to create a sanctuary for ourselves, and then open to other people seeking an opportunity to reconnect to themselves and nature. We are very friendly to people who identify as LGBTQIA+ and/or BIPOC.

As a group, we practice mindfulness, vulnerable sharing, Non-Violent Communication, use Respectful and Conscious Parenting Methods, and are inspired by unschooling/forest schools/primitive skills, creative expression, natural building methods, and keeping screens to a minimum.

If our vision resonates with your own, if you have any additional questions, or would like to connect with us for any reason, contact me, Ladybird, anytime. Please send an email to explaining your level of interest, introducing your family, and sharing how your vision aligns and/or differs from ours. 


Wishing everyone success in their community search,