Northwest AgriVillage Looking for Members and Farmers

by Rooted NW
Forming Communities
Arlington Heights, Washington

Rooted NW combines village living and permaculture farming. It will be a place where community emerges from shared values, meaningful work, and everyday interaction, supported by participatory decision-making.

Our community will live on 240 acres of upland farm four miles east of Arlington, WA and a convenient one-hour drive to Seattle or Bellingham. This property has been farmed by a local family for over 100 years and we are proud to carry on their tradition of land stewardship, preserving it from risk of development.

The land sits at 300 feet of elevation and forms a gentle south-facing slope containing a mix of cropland, pasture, and trees. The soils are fertile and rich, and already there are two ponds (and we’re hoping to make more). Nestled into the surrounding landscape, the farm naturally forms a variety of outdoor rooms and lends itself to plenty of privacy.

Living at Rooted NW means fostering a community that nurtures both the land and human connection in a rural setting. We are passionate about:

    • Autonomy with Shared Responsibility


    • Ecological Stewardship & Resilience


    • Participatory, Democratic Governance


    • Diversity, Equality & Inclusion


    • Meaningful Work


Rooted NW members will own homes in the village and an equal share of the common buildings and agricultural land. Members will have full access to community facilities and activities and participate in decision-making that affects Rooted NW design, processes, and direction. 

Are you a farmer or interested in running an agriculture-based business? 

Our vision is for Rooted NW to be a diversified farm incubator fostering innovative new agricultural enterprises. The farmers who get involved will shape and realize that vision. 

Our project offers several advantages to farmers: 

    • Own the land you farm and live where you work.


    • Expand (or reduce) your acreage based on your evolving needs.


    • Operate in close proximity to a variety of regenerative farmers eager to collaborate and share ideas.


    • Receive daily support from a community that understands the challenges of farming and is committed to the long view — allowing you to take risks.


For farmers interested in living in the community, we have options for home discounts, shared admin costs, and some agriculture infrastructure already in place.

Where are we now?

Rooted NW members are beginning to design the village, with building completion projected by 2025. Our village will encompass a community of 35 dwellings that will include a mix of single-bedroom, 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom homes. In addition, all members will enjoy the commons, which will include large dining areas, outdoor spaces, workshops, storage, and farming infrastructure.

The village will be designed based on input from the members via five workshops facilitated by renowned architects and cohousing designers and input from experts in regenerative design:

    • Workshop 1: Community Layout (Workshop Completed)


    • Workshop 2: Commons design – high level (Coming Soon)


    • Workshop 3: Home design – high level


    • Workshop 4: Commons design – detailed


    • Workshop 5: Home design – detailed


Excited about our vision? We would love to explore how you might fit into the Rooted NW family. Please get in touch to learn more or ask questions! You can also check out our Agriculture Vision as well as our Frequently Asked Questions page.