New Housing Co-op in central Denver, move-in beginning in May

by Andrea
Communities with Openings
1081 N Marion St, Denver, CO 80218

Big, beautiful house built in 1900, two blocks from Cheeseman Park, 4862 square feet. The house has been a Buddhist Meditation Center for the last 18 years and has lovely, calm vibes. Some residents will move in the first of May, more in June.

Looking for 6-9 people for intentional community. Sharing a couple dinners a week, 3 living rooms, 2 new kitchens, & 5 baths. Staple foods (non-GMO or organic) will be bought together. The group will be self-regulating as a co-op; it will decide together how the house runs. There will be chores 😉

Average cost per room is $1011 ranging from $750 to $1250. There are two apartments within the whole that are more separate & would be suitable for a couple, or parent(s) with a child. Each resident will pay a “community share” refundable on departure.

Interested? Please contact:

Andrea (303) 860-0463
1081 N Marion Street

We had intended to spend more time gathering a group to begin the co-op in six months, with more of the decisions and documents completed.  The current tenant group lost some members and decided to move out earlier than we had come to expect.

The house is available the beginning of May with one of the new kitchens complete.  We’d like to have four or five people in the house in early May and more in June when the big kitchen will be ready.  We have two residents for sure in May and a possible third.

The intent is for the community to save some money each month for the next five years and then to buy the house from the current owner (who will be a member of the co-op also) who then hopes to buy the small apartment building next door to make the community larger, with more diverse housing options.