Live-In TENANT/MANAGER for a developing AirBnB, to be later further developed into a Deep Nutrition Living (DNL) community , in a Reading,PA (19602) family home.~ Work and Live in a Home being Re-Imagined for Health-in-Community!  ~

by AmandaB
1706 Klein Ave, Reading, PA 19602

Live-In TENANT/MANAGER for a soon-to-start AirBnB    (which will eventually transition into a Health Home Tourism (HHT) designation location)   in a Reading,PA (19602) family Home.

ON-SITE INTERVIEWSThursday, October 14th, to Sunday, October 17th,   and Thursday, November 4th to Sunday, November 7th.

Ideal: In person

Also Good: Online.  We can talk, and I can walk you through the property and the neighborhood with FaceTime or another video format.



To learn more, ask questions, or Schedule an Interview:

Amanda Buxbaum


(A more detailed description will be coming out on my website.)



URGENT NEED: Tenant/Manager

The Nature of the Position:

  • Live in a beautiful urban 1911 Home in Reading, Pennsylvania, long-term (several years).
  • Pay low Reading rent – for a bedroom, a shared hall bathroom, and the use of all common spaces (1st floor kitchen, living room (with TV), dining room (with desk and printer), three porches (front porch has a swing), and yard/garden.)
  • Maintain home and work as the Manager of two on-location AirBnB rental spaces, for a 30% managerial cut.
  • Learn Deep Nutrition Living (DNL) from licensed nutritionist, and, together, gradually transition the Home, which currently being started up as an AirBnB, into a healing/learning/experience center (Health Home Tourism) for people to come for 3 days to 4 months to learn and experience Deep Nutrition Living (DNL) and create breakthroughs in health. (There will probably always be a combination of both AirBnB rentals and workshop participants, because health workshops will not happen every day.)
  • Follow all dietary guidelines in the Home, and help others to learn about health with your modeling of this, and later help others by providing paid-for educational nutritional experiences. (Please, no strict vegetarians or vegans for the Tenant/Manager position.)



The Physical Property Which is Being Managed


  • 3 upstairs on 2nd floor, sharing one hall bathroom. Each of the 3 bedrooms can accommodate 1 or 2 people.
    • “Brown” Bedroom – for Tenant/Manager
    • “Green” Bedroom – for me, Amanda Buxbaum, landlord and workshop-organizing licensed nutritionist.
    • “White” Bedroom – available for AirBnB rental.
  • 1 in basement as part of a full apartment with a private entrance, for 1 or 2 people.
    • “Industrial/Modern” Apartment – available for AirBnB rental.



A Monthly Guesstimate at Possible Future Income for Tenant/Manager

The rent for the room for the Tenant/Manager will be the lowest of the Monthly rates at $500/month, plus 1/3 of the utility costs, wifi and security system.  A conservative estimate for monthy income is $450/month.

Greater monthly income is most likely when the house is kept clean and welcoming for the guests, when enticing descriptions of the house and local attractions are updated, when all inquiries are quickly and completely responded to, and when the required nutritional modeling of the house is clear and kept up, especially the kitchen.  (This last, more unusual requirement, is useful to help make the eventual transformation of the Home, from an ordinary AirBnB to a Health Home Tourism (HHT) destination location.)



The Nature of The Home Project – My Dreams and How I Came to Them:

I am a licensed nutritionist specializing in using Deep Nutrition Living (DNL) to address complex health challenges.  I get the best results with my clients when I spend time with them in the kitchen, in addition to across a desk in a medical office.

My passion and mission in life is to change how people are able to take care of themselves, nutritionally, in their own homes and kitchens, to greatly lower their risk for chronic diseases.  To best accomplish this, I aim to teach people in my Health Home Tourism (HHT) Home kitchens, in a way that they can most easily replicate what they learn into their own kitchen.

I am interested in a Tenant/Manager who is interested in both managing an AirBnB property and later in promoting and leading specialty nutritional experiences.




The dietary principles are the unusual central tenant of my two transitioning Homes.  These dietary Deep Nutrition Living (DNL) principles need to be spelled out because they are unusual, and they are the very purpose, goal, and governing focus of this project.  My goal is that everyone who stays for the Deep Nutrition Living HHT experience (from 3 days to 4 months) is able to go back to their usual lives and be able to incorporate so much of what they learned into their lifestyle practices that their measurable risk factors for many diseases, especially chronic diseases, dramatically declines and their felt vitality, energy and focus increases.   My goal is also that the health of the Tenant/Manager also becomes noticeably and objectively improved both while living and working at the Pennsylvania location, and after that, in her/his life.



Deep Nutrition Living (DNL) – Learning to live in harmony with our bodies in a polluted and nutritionally depleted world:

Our current mainstream culture, guided by the financial interests of big Ag and big commercialized food companies, promotes many versions of the SAD – The Standard American Diet.  We access what big Ag and big commercialized food companies produce when we go out to eat at most restaurants, out to a party, and on a picnic or pot luck with friends.  I want none of that in my home.  I want to create a new kind of community in a single family home, with the shared value of re-crafting, re-imagining, re-inventing intensely nutritious foods, recipes, and meals, to balance, compensate for, and make up for the lower nutritional values of even the best of our most readily available foods.

Most of us already know how to make a healthful dinner of salmon, broccoli, and salad.  Meals like that will be a part of living together in Deep Nutrition Living (DNL), but we will go very far beyond this healthwise!

By far the most significant learning as a Health Home Tourism location will occur with the learning of the unique LFC Nutrition-Crafted recipes which use extremely large quantities of the most healing, rejuvenating, balancing and vitalizing of the superfoods in ways that are palatable, and even quite tasty, which can significantly move the needle towards noticeably improved health and vitality.  Some of the foods which I optimize in recipes include extremely large quantities of turmeric, ginger, parsley, chlorella, fish oil, flax seed oil, resistant starch, and many others.

How food/health researched connections are used:  Medical research aims to create drugs that concentrate and/or augment the activity of the active ingredients in these plants.  In contrast, the next steps of my professional investigations are to create tasty recipes which provide large medicinal dosings of these foods (in the correct balance with other foods for optimizing health effects and for creating a tasty result), to produce a health result far greater than is possible with the tiny quantities in which these best-of-the-superfoods are typically served and are typically present in recipes.  I will continue to create, improve, and teach my unique LFC Nutrition-Crafted recipes

There are many opportunities for people to participate in communities which connect and share while eating some form of The Standard American Diet   —  with and without meat, with and without eggs and dairy, etc.  I want this structure/community to be a unique gathering of people who want to learn, connect, celebrate and grow over the very healthiest of foods, in a balance and in proportions which promote positive health transformations of all kinds.

It is crucial that all members are genuinely interested, even fascinated and encouraging, when members want to discuss their experiences and experiments with health enhancing food and lifestyle experiences such as:

Liver, raw liver tartar, raw liver in a blender with tomato juice for autoimmune issues, cancer and a sensitivity to the cold, raw meat, fish oil or cod liver oil in a smoothie, cod liver oil taken directly off a spoon, coffee enemas, bulletproof coffee, intermittent fasting, fasting, Budwig’s formula, bone broth, sea moss, homemade kombucha and sauerkraut fermenting on the kitchen countertop, smoothies with 90% vegetables, edible weeds such as lambs quarters and purslane, golden milk maximizing the proportion of turmeric, “carrot soup” maximizing the proportion of turmeric, the use of black seeds and black seed oil,  great concentrations of ginger in a recipe (enough to profoundly burn your mouth but you will learn the correct ways to prepare it to be safe (not-burning), healthful, and yummy), creatively healthful and tasty things to put in your hot water drink in addition to tea and coffee, pre- and post-workout foods and supplement strategies, nootropics, transdermal and sublingual nutritionals, physical/”outside” detoxifying (oil pulling, dry brushing, rebounding, Epsom salt baths, castor oil packs, saunas, red light therapy, pandiculation, yoga, Qi Gong, self-massage, etc), “inside” detoxifying (dandelion greens, daily fresh celery juice, apple cider vinegar or lemon in water in the morning, cilantro, garlic, etc.), and so much more.

If you would wrinkle your nose and say that you would never consider trying these things and do not want to talk about these things, then this is NOT the community for you – to be in or to lead as the Tenant/Manager.

“Yucking” someone else’s “Yum”, is strictly against the rules.

“Yucking” someone else’s health inquiry, research, quesionings, and explorations, is strictly against the rules.

Expressing condemnation and putting-down of another’s experiments and experiences in the kitchen, is strictly against the rules.

Discussion, conversation, and debate is the backbone of a healthy community.  Distain disables all discussion, conversation and debate and is thus strictly prohibited.

Curiosity and interest are center stage in this Home.




Nutrition – The Central Focus

Question: Why is the focus on just that one thing – Nutrition – and not on some or all of the other things?

Answer:  I see heartbreak where others see inspirational spirit.

I see people receiving and even eating foods (informed by, and in community with, their family, friends, community, society, cultural and media sources) which drive decay, chronic disease, inflammation, and an intense internal physical violence and chaos in their biochemistry, which is extraordinarily hard to recover from, to a healthy homeostasis.

And I see people engage in these lifestyle practices day after day, decade after decade.  And I see them aging and/or getting very sick and experiencing massive unnecessary misery and suffering. In response to thei deranged aging and sickness, I see these powerful, inspiring, strong human spirit striving to overcome this, by engaging in beautiful, creative, and connected ways with the medical community, the support of their family and friends, and other inspirational mind-sets and activities in the world.  The spirit of the person with a chronic sickness, the patient, shines!  All who witness this spirit shining and soldiering on, in the face of pain and disease and loss of function, are rightfully impressed.  And then the next morning, the patient smiles as she eats her donut for breakfast.  Again.  Or, perhaps she eats her cereal with milk  — much of which is just a unhealthful as the donuts.  Again.  And her donut-level-unhealthy lunch and dinner are also repeated every day.  She eats a very similar breakfast, lunch and dinner that she ate throughout the years that her disease was developing.

In a professional nutritional consultation, across a desk, in a medical office, I suggest that she eliminate gluten.She says that she has never been sensitive to gluten.

I suggest that she eliminate processed foods. She says that she has never been sensitive to processed foods.

I suggest that she change her bad fats for good fats. She explains that she uses the fats that she does to make her special family recipes.  And she further explains, “Carbon in, carbon out – the specific fat does not matter.”

I suggest that she cut out all nightshade vegetables – potato, tomato, eggplant and peppers.  She laughs and says that she wouldn’t have anything to eat if she cuts those out.  And further explains that she has never been sensitive to these things – that her arthritis simply runs in her family.

What is wrong with this picture of aging?  Why is she so sick? Why does she not see the connection between her diet and her health?  Why is she so resistant to change in the area of food and diet?  Why is she resistant to  try?

We connect our experiences of food with our experiences of love and the feeling of belonging with family, friends, church, society, and community, and we want to continue feeling these connections more than we want to heal through food and diet.  It may be, for some, that the experiences of their connections may be supporting their health more than any change of diet can.

I offer both –  healthy food and health community.  And I offer them together – the experience of extraordinarily healthful foods in the context of a nourishing and nurturing community experience.

I am eager to host people who want to try a new approach to food and are willing to try a variety of new health and dietary practices. The most significant learning as a Health Home Tourism location will occur with the learning of the unique LFC Nutrition-Crafted recipes which use extremely large quantities of the most healing, rejuvenating, balancing and vitalizing of the superfoods in ways that are palatable, and even quite tasty, which can significantly move the needle towards noticeably improved health and vitality.

I hope to exhibit just exactly as much spirit, as the person described who is experiencing the “usual” infirmities of aging,  but I hope that when I am 70 and 80, I am applying that spirit to breaking world records in the bench-press, and hiking with my grandchildren, instead of simply overcoming biochemical chaos enough to maneuver a walker to get me to the back porch to sit, and enjoy an otherwise beautiful day.

The truth cannot be taught in words alone.  It is learned through experience and best through experience in a joyful community in the kitchen.

I invite you to explore new food experiences, and discuss your nutritional experiences and current truths, in an open-minded, curious, non-judgmental, actively-feeling-and-thinking community of people who are also exploring and discussing their current health truths.



In closing:

I look forward to hearing from all who are interested in this project – for themselves,  or as a concept,  or as a starting point to brainstorm new ideas from,  or to pass on to others who might be interested.

I invite you to pass this information on to other people and organizations who might be interested in this project in any way.