CO-OWNERSHIP PARTNER (NO Investment Required) in Elegant 18 Room Loving Community House

by Ken
Communities with Openings
Lima, Peru

WisdomHaus is a warm community of vibrant people who are living on a pension and engaged in a vegan service mission.  You can live like family with us for a few years – to life!

  • As our family planned for retirement we decided to opt out of loneliness, boredom, worthlessness, fear of aging, despair, the Medical Model with its chronic diseases, an assisted-living facility future, and all of the other “normal” images of aging in these times.  
  • Have some of these uncertainties been burdening you?
  • Rather, we set out to live a truly vegan-healthy, vibrant, satisfying long life in a family environment of unconditional love, with a handful of self-supporting colleagues who would never think of letting anyone down.  From those images, plus our 30+ years of community leadership experience, WisdomHaus arose in October 2017.
  • The idea is lifetime security for partners, and generational continuity for our mission!

Today, life at WisdomHaus is guided by a conscious design for joyful balanced living while working as a team to generate a powerful replicable response to the global warming crisis.  Already people are asking if they can start a WisdomHaus where they currently live – we intend to help them – and many many more – to change their lifestyle as we are doing!  This meaningful Project is truly worth your life!

Everything we have learned tells us that winning the global-warming race-against-time begins with calling forth committed massive engagement at the local level to drive the necessary institutional responses.  We are contributing to that movement in a strategic way with our vegan lifestyle to disrupt the market of the climate-destructive and cruel Animal Agricultural Industry. The urgency of climate change now requires nothing less.

Now we are looking for 3 animated mature adults to join us to amplify our quality of community life and service for years to come.  If you wish, you can explore a path to co-ownership in your own way, a step at a time – or a leap of faith:  

  • Come visit WisdomHaus for a month and check us out. Think about during our summertime, like warm sunny January – 80° and no rain!
  • If you like what you see and feel, then join us for 3-6 months to get to know us well, and get engaged in the important work of our vegan mission.  
  • Then if you’re attracted to the people, mission and lifestyle at WisdomHaus, you can commit for three years to settle in and see how you prosper here.  If you have a fixed income of just $1,000/month we can help you obtain a permanent resident visa in Peru, and you can live securely with our low costs here for life. 
  • Along the way, you might feel attracted to make this your home and become a co-director and an equal co-owner with us of this valuable WisdomHaus property, with no investment required.  The idea is lifetime security for each of us, and generational continuity for our vegan climate change mission!
  • All commitments are expected to be made in good faith, but can be changed at any time with reasonable notice.

Learn more about us, our lovely property, our comfortable bug-free year around mild dry climate, and our secure disease-free lifestyle in Magdalena del Mar, Peru, just a 10-minute walk from the Pacific Ocean.  No car needed – we walk everywhere for what we need and enjoy, with an occasional 50 cent bus ride.  We feel very Covid-19 secure as the protocols are 100% observed in the Magdalena District, and our house takes no risks.