Healer with Homesteading Skills Seeking Community in Nature

by Katie Moore
Community Seekers
United States

About Me:

I am a peaceful soul, and I feel most in my element in nature. I am naturally nuturing, and I have a gift for helping others – plants, animals, people – thrive.

I have many skills related to nourishment & healing – wildcrafting, growing food, cooking, preserving food (fermenting, canning, drying), and making herbal medicines.

I love animals and have experience caring for chickens, ducks, goats and horses. (As well as dogs & cats). I enjoy connecting with children, it is easy for me to attune to them and their needs, and would enjoy having more little ones in my life.

I have been consciously walking my path of healing and expansion for over a decade (I am 40 years old), and through the healing of my childhood wounds, I have come into deeper and deeper connection with source and my ability to help others heal.

I am a somatic counselor (trained in Somatic Experiencing), an energy healer (Reiki + my own intuitive energy work), and an Alchemical Hypnotherapy practitioner. I am skilled at holding space for others to go deeply inward and transform.

I have been working with clients one-on-one since 2018, and have some experience teaching workshops in-person and online. I would love to do more teaching and collaborate with others. Being part of a community that is hosts or wants to host classes, workshops, retreats, etc, would be ideal.

I am skilled at writing, and have experience creating websites, social media, newsletters, marketing materials, etc. I also have a knack for organizing in general – spaces, events, systems, etc. I am happy to contribute these skills if they are desired.

I am spiritual but not religious. I connect to the spirit realm through my intuitive work, meditation, ceremony, and time in nature.

I am an omnivore. I eat mostly vegetarian but do enjoy meat as well.

I have a small dog – Chico is a 13 year old terrier/chihuahua mix who loves to hunt rodents, scavenge for food, lay in the sun, and cuddle. He gets along well with other dogs and cats.

I love to dance, hike, backpack, do yoga and Qi Gong, meditate, soak in hot springs, write, paint, and sing (mostly in the shower).

What I am Looking for:

I desire connection with others who share my love for nature, and who have a perspective of life that expands beyond the dominant “matrix” culture, who value play, relaxation, collaboration, celebration, intimacy, authenticity, connection, self-knowledge, spiritual connection, and above all – love. Love for the earth, for ourselves, and each other.

I want to live in a community that values all its members equally, has a fairly equitable power distribution, that is committed to open and honest communication and working through difficulties with compassion and and self-accountability.

My ideal community is in a beautiful, peaceful and natural environment, with enough space for quiet solitude as well as vibrant communal spaces. I prefer my own dwelling, but I am open to other possibilities.

I would love to have space to practice my healing work in the community, or be within a 40 minute drive of a town or city where I can have an office.

I want to work with others to grow and prepare food, as well as other projects. While I am happy to contribute labor, I do not want to do a lot of intense physical labor. I am a small person, and my energy is best put to use in other ways.

Work trade would be great, and I am also open to contributing financially.


As far as location – I am open to all possibilities, and would be willing to relocate just about anywhere for the right community, although moving overseas may be difficult with my dog.

I am most familiar with the West Coast – I have lived in CA and WA my whole life and I enjoy a temperate climate without much snow. I love sunshine and warmth, but I could see myself living somewhere with harsh winters and being perfectly happy spending the winter traveling in Latin America.

Thank you for reading, I am excited to find my community!