Forming Communities
Peloponnesos, Greece

We are an international group creating the first multigenerational cohousing village in Greece!

Who we are: multinational, multilingual, multigenerational, friendly, skilled, experienced, communitarians!

We come together as an intentional community of people who chose to care about one another, to share our time and talents with one another, to co-create our village together, to co-manager our village together, to share meals cooking and eating together, and to enjoy nature and our celebrations in this stunning natural agri-hood.

We are organized around a shared mission to create a meaningful and connected community, and we value living sustainably by sharing resources in our Common House, by becoming more energy self-sufficient, and by trying to live a lower impact, higher quality life.

We have a rich array of skills, talents, and backgrounds that make this group special. You can find some of our bios on our website.

Where we are:  Physical Location- Peloponnesus

After searching throughout Greece for a year, we settled on the gorgeous Peloponnesus because it has it all- snowcapped mountain ranges, vineyards and olive groves, beaches and seaside villages, cozy mountain villages, modern cities, best food and culture in the world, and ancient UNESCO archeological sites.

Peloponnesos is relatively free from mass tourism compared to the islands, and we do not need to fly or ferry in all our food and goods to an island.  Importantly for us, we can easily hop in the car drive to Athens, to airports, and into Europe.  It will take a lifetime to explore Peloponnesos.

Our Location in Peloponnesos: Laconia

People fall in love with our Laconia location in Peloponnesos.  Our land is surrounded by pristine nature national forest as far as the eye can see.  Ever present is the breathtaking view of the Taygetos mountains – ancient, majestic mountains associated with wellness and mentioned in the Odyssey.  The valley below us is dotted with farms and orchards.  This is the heart of some of the best food in the world- literally.  We can dine and do activities outside year-round in this arid forest region.

Despite feeling enveloped by nature, we are a very conveniently 20 minute drive down a nice road to the city of Sparta.  Sparta is a vibrant city, alive every night as everyone comes out to eat and socilize.  Just 30 minutes the other direction takes us to a picture postcard seaside village and world class beaches around Gythio. The breathtaking Mani Peninsula is a short drive as are the UNESCO sites of Monemvasia and Mystras.  The beautiful city of Nafplio is a short day trip as well, and the ferry will take you to the island of Crete, or you can drive to Patras and take the ferry to Italy.

You can find out more about our location on our website.

Our Stage of Development – Advanced Formation Stage. 

We have an incredible site, awesome developers who believe in our cohousing mission, a beautiful preliminary design, and a progressing preliminary budget. Part of our permits are complete, we believe we can break ground on our utilities this year, and we are planning to begin to build sometime next year.  We go to Greece together regularly to design together every 3 months or so.  You can see photos and watch a little of one of our design workshops on our website.

Some Details:

Our community prioritizes traditional cohousing values and design as articulated in Charles Durrett and Katie McCamant seminal book on Cohousing.

Our village will also be within a larger community- a “Wellness and Lifestyle Community” that spans an entire mountain and valley.  This larger community will have at least one more cohousing community, possibly 2.  The larger community spans thousands of stremata and currently has a vineyard and olive orchard and hiking trails.  It is eventually planned to have a retreat spa hotel with 3 restaurants about a 20-minute walk from our land, a winery and restaurant, villas, and an interactive olive mill, and a small taverna near us.

Aesthetic: Our village aesthetic will mirror the charming village architecture around us as well as the landscape.  We are inspired by the UNESCO world heritage site and village of Monemvasia.  We seek to use local materials as much as possible.

Outdoor living: We envision generous shared outdoor spaces for an active life lived outdoors.

Who we seek to join us:  Those who value community and want to relocate their primary residence to Greece.

Cost: Our home prices include the cost of our land as well as all amenities: The Common House, the pool, the gardens and plateia, the soccer field, basketball court, and pickleball court.  The cost will run between 200 – 420 euros for 1 to 3 bedroom homes.

Golden Visa Permanent Residency: We are not a vacation village.  We live in Greece full time as our home.  Thus, we all must be permanent residents of the EU or citizens of Greece.  Our non-European members will apply for one of several permanent residency options.  The most popular and most frequently used property ownership visa, the Greek Golden Visa.  The latter is Europe’s lowest cost permanent residency through property ownership program, providing EU permanent resident benefits for the entire family -spouse, children under 21, and your parents. The cost of a Golden Visa in Greece is the lowest in Europe and requires a purchase of a property totaling €250,000 or more.

What to do if interested:

Visit our website at  Attend one of our Friday Information Coffees.
Email our Project Manager with your interest in attending an information session:
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