Greece Cohousing Community

by Charles W. Nuckolls
Forming Communities

Greece Cohousing Community is a planned neighborhood that we hope to create in Greece, possibly on the island of Crete.  It will be a small community, no more than twenty households, and we will purchase an already existing (but new) housing development, known in Greece as a “villa complex.”  There will be plenty of space for gardening and for children to play.  Non-Citizens of Greece can obtain five year renewable permits — known as “Golden Visas” — for which they qualify by making at least a 250,000 euro property investment. The visa requires no minimum time in country, and enables the holder (and family) to travel freely throughout the Schengen Zone of the European Union.  The Greek Golden Visa program is by far the least expensive in Europe. Our community will be multi-generational and multi-national, and we warmly welcome individuals and families.  Please contact us for more information: see our webpage (, call  801-850-8842, or send us an email (