Casa de Yin Yang – small community forming

by Krisztina Samu
Communities with Openings
San Marcos Pasajcap, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Casa de Yin Yang, on the shore of mystical Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, affords a start for a small sustainable community.  Hello friends. I am Krisztina, a native born Hungarian who saw it coming (collapse of industrial civilization) and built my off-grid sustainable compound in Guatemala’s beautiful Lake Atitlan region, but I have worked so much, I haven’t found the right people to share it with.  Ideally, I’d like to find the right male partner for myself who is looking for a working retirement location in a warm climate and is handy with maintaining solar and water filtration equipment, and other aspects of property management.

My property has 3 buildings. A main house with nice sized kitchen, bathroom, living/bed room, a second house that is one large room only, with a lovely large covered deck for yoga.  I also have a third building which is a cottage with bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette suitable for visitors or rental.  There is enough land to grow edible plants, and there is a lot of locally grown produce available in town.  No cars are needed in this area.  Town is in walking distance and cars can be hired for longer trips.  A public boat system can be accessed by walking to the dock to catch the boat.  The area where I built my house has a very international community. It helps to know Spanish, or you will learn.

Even if I recognize the importance of sustainability, I am not a hippie, meaning that I believe in cleanliness and order, and I don’t believe in sharing everything, nor do I have naive notions about people getting along and loving each other just because we decide it.  Human relations can be challenging, and require good communication skills.

The property is totally off grid with its own solar power and water pumped from the nearby lake and filtered through my system.