Warm and Talented Cohousing Community Amidst Breathtaking Natural Beauty — in Greece!

by Pare Gerou
Forming Communities
Peloponessos, Greece

We are a warm, friendly, diverse, talented community creating the first multigenerational cohousing community in Greece!  www.GreekVillageCohousing.com

We have land with a breathtaking view, in a mountain agricultural area we can enjoy the very best of healthy fresh food and cook delicious meals together in our Common House.  We are just 20 minutes to a major city with a lively night life, a planned new state-of-the-art hospital, and all the services we could need.  We are just 30 minutes from a picture postcard seaside village and multiple, stunning beaches.

From our plot, one has a stunning view of the Taygetos mountains, the air smells of wild herbs, and nearby there are orchards, a vineyard, hiking trails, lots of shared activities in our Common House and outdoors, 70,000 beautiful regenerative agricultural plants and trees, a planned, interactive olive oil mill, planned winery, planned spa, and more!  All of this is in a country with longevity blue zones for a long life, in a safe and beautiful place to raise children, and a perfect spot for remote work in our planned remote worker space with gorgeous views and a recording studio for Zoom and remote meetings.

Who we are:  multinational, multigenerational, multi lingual, diverse, friendly, skilled, experienced, communitarians….

A few of us have significant experience living in cohousing and intentional communities, and this can help lay a strong foundation for a healthy community.  Others are Greek or have significant experience living abroad and/or in Greece, and they will be a great bridge to the wider Greek community.  Still others are coming from all walks of life, with skills and talents to share.  We all value sharing time with our neighbors and being there for one another.  We value living in nature and having a high quality, healthy, enjoyable, outdoor lifestyle.  We believe in sharing resources in our Common House, workspace, craft space, etc. in order to contribute to a lighter footprint, and we seek to design our community to support multiple generations and their needs.  We all value working collaboratively to design our village and thus be a part of something larger than our selves.


Where we are:  Peloponnesos, Greece

We chose the gorgeous Peloponnesus peninsula because it has it all- snowcapped mountain ranges, vineyards and olive groves, beaches and seaside villages, cozy mountain villages, modern cities, ancient UNESCO archeological sites.  Peloponnesos is relatively free from mass tourism, and we prefer it to island life because you can easily drive to Athens and to Europe without the need to fly or take a long ferry ride.

We found property beyond anything we could have imagined.  Our land is in a mountain agricultural region, and we look forward to a farm to table culture cooking together with fruits and vegetables from our gardens and orchards.  Our village will also be within a larger community- a “Wellness and Lifestyle Community” that spans an entire mountain and valley.  Over 20 years, the larger community will include other cohousing villages,  small agricultural micro business such as an olive mill, and several resort amenities such as a spa.

Development Stage:  Design and Build Stage- The Fun Part!!!

We are moving very quickly and excited about all the work we have accomplished.  We are deep into our village design, working hard with our architects, civil engineers, and developers to co-develop.  We are in the midst of choosing materials and working on our budget, and we make multiple trips to Greece as a group for workshops and to enjoy each other’s community.  Our community’s design reflects our cohousing mission to live in connection with each other and with the land.  We strive to use best practices by consulting cohousing research, empirical data, and literature, and other resources from decades of cohousing lessons learned.


Our Mission, Vision, and Values:

Our community prioritizes traditional cohousing values and design as articulated in Charles Durret and Katie McCamant seminal book on Cohousing.  Thus, we all have fully appointed private homes and very generous Common House(s) and common spaces.

Our community is surrounded by natural beauty and will reflect our value to live more connected lives supporting multiple generations, and connecting with each other and with the land.  We have our current vision and values statement on our website and will update this statement as we grow.  Our current mission is simple- “Create Multigenerational Cohousing in Greece.”

Who we seek to join us:  Those who value community and want to relocate their primary residence to Greece.

Our home prices and floorplans will likely appeal primarily to those seeking private homes in the  middle income range rather than those seeking very high end luxury or low cost housing.

We require EU permanent residency or citizenship in our village because we are a full time community rather than a vacation or part time community.  Anyone without EU permanent residency can obtain status utilizing the popular Golden Visa program, one of several permanent resident options.  With a purchase of property at €250,000 or higher, the entire family can become permanent residents of Greece and the EU through the well-run Golden Visa process, which currently takes only a few months to complete.

Europeans, especially Greeks, will also be able to buy less expensive smaller units roughly between €120K – €150K for a 1 bedroom.  That will be in addition to the very rough €250K for a 2 bedroom with small bonus room, and roughly €300K for a 3 bedroom.  Greek banks do not generally provide mortgages.  For a very small and select number of Greek citizen families with children whose income is derived from a Greek company, and for those with refugee status in Greece, we are attempting to arrange a rent-to-own option.

What to do if interested:

Visit our Website and read our FAQs page for more details: www.GreekVillageCohousing.com

Attend one of our Information Coffees on Friday: https://www.greekvillagecohousing.com/information

Email our Founder  & Project Manager, Pare Gerou: GreekVillageCohousing@gmail.com

Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Greek-Village-Cohousing-100948052091127.