Artist Seeking Community – Woman Single 35 yr old, Cat & Dog

by Adria Everett
Community Seekers
Kansas City, Missouri

Hey There!! Looking to bust a move! Seeking an intentional community or like minded individuals looking to build an intentional community. I’m currently a homeowner which I considered splitting and creating cohousing here in Kansas City Missouri if nothing else manifests. Or more likely, I’d like to sell everything and move to a community where I can pursue more passion projects and build with an intentional community.

I originally bought my house 6 years ago with the intention to sell and purchase a tiny house or something in the realm of paid off/sustainable/offgrid/alternative living whether that be cohousing, tiny or rv/manufactured home living.

Now I’d like to find and work for a project that I feel passionate about, practice art, grow as a human and be apart of a community with a meaningful mission. Missions I feel particularly passionate about include anything involving mental health, affordable housing, access to organic foods/eating & alternative healing/medicine. I do not have any specific religious affiliations I have explored Buddhism, Christianity, Paganism, Astrology, Human Design and New Age spirituality but I have an appreciation for all religions and spirituality. Free will and the ability to still smoke pot (medicine card in hand) and explore my own personal beliefs is important to me. I see that as I search intentional communities that there are many rules/limiting belief systems so instead of an endless search, I am posting here to see anyone resonates with my post who is currently seeking new community members.

Job Skills for labor or rent trades..15 years of combined sales and marketing experience. Previous work as an optician, esthetician, licensed in property and casualty insurance, property management, guerrilla/street/brand marketing, account and project management especially in construction hiring subcontractors and managing government projects. I haven’t been working since May, fell into a severe depression which I have to manage and have a low back disability, pain and mobility issues from a combination of scoliosis, degenerating, disc disease and arthritis in my SI L4 and L5. I can still do physical labor tasks and enjoy learning new ways to overcome these limitations via red light therapy, stretching etc but some labor trades may not be a good fit as I have those “bad back” days. Otherwise extremely ambitious, hard working and at times the life of the party.

In my spare time I enjoy painting, charcoal drawing, poetry, music, bonfires and good food. Learning about “forbidden” history, philosophy, sociocultural issues, herbalism, astrology, tarot, sound healing and holistic medicine especially ancient forms of medicine.

I’d love to live out the rest of this life surrounded by great people I consider my soul family coming together to live life more meaningfully. I’m sure I left out important details but am new to this so any questions, please ask.