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Professional Services

About CoHousing Solutions

CoHousing Solutions provides development consulting services to cohousing groups, progressive developers, and other community-oriented entities who want to create socially and environmentally sustainable developments.

Our team pioneered the development of cohousing neighborhoods in North America, and we have helped create dozens of successful, award-winning communities. Using a collaborative model that builds on the strengths of the cohousing group as well as our professional team, CoHousing Solutions works with groups from the earliest stages of development all the way to project completion and move-in. There is no reason for you to reinvent the wheel, but with our help you can build a wheel that best suits your needs and the needs of your project.

In addition to our consulting services, we train sustainable development entrepreneurs through the year-long 

500 Communities Program.

Working with CoHousing Solutions, you’ll receive tailored consultation.

We can assist you with making your community a reality by:

  • Growing and strengthening your group
  • Outreach and marketing
  • Site search and evaluation
  • Project feasibility and development strategies
  • Kick Off Workshops, such as “Getting It Built”
  • Project management
  • Hiring the right professional consultants
  • Setting up and managing a budget
  • Financial management and project financing
  • Finding a construction loan
  • Design programming and consulting
  • Finding your local developer and contractor
  • Preparing community residents for move-in

Our Team

Katie McCamant leads the CoHousing Solutions team. She brings the depth and diversity of her experience as an architect, developer, and cohousing resident to her clients. Katie is coauthor of Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves, the book that introduced cohousing to North America, as well as the more recent Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Neighborhoods. She co-founded McCamant & Durrett Architects / The CoHousing Company along with Charles Durrett in 1987. Since then, Katie has designed and developed dozens of cohousing communities in the United States and Canada. She raised her daughter in the urban Doyle Street Cohousing, in Emeryville, CA and now lives in Nevada City Cohousing in the Sierra Foothills.

Riley Grim is the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for CoHousing Solutions and the 500 Communities Program. She runs the company’s social media pages, website, and maintains outgoing newsletters and announcements to the CoHousing Solutions and 500 Communities email databases. Additionally, she provides her outreach, graphic design, and writing skills to communities in formation, aiding them with marketing and branding. She can assist with website creation, advertisements, newsletters, social media pages, and more.

Training the next wave of cohousing professionals: The 500 Communities Program

This year-long training program is for passionate entrepreneurs who want to devote themselves to the goal of building the next 500 cohousing communities while working collaboratively, supporting each other, and making a living. Through this program, Katie formalizes what she’s been doing for years informally: training other collaborators to meet the expanding need for professional support in creating new communities.

Consider applying to the 500 Communities Program if you …

  • Believe in the power of community
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Want to contribute to developing more sustainable communities
  • Are ready for a challenging and rewarding career that aligns with your passions!

The course is offered every other year, with the next one starting in Fall of 2021.
Click here to sign up for updates regarding the 500 Communities Program.

Sampling of CoHousing Solutions’ Current Clients

Bozeman Cohousing (Bozeman, MT)
C Street Village (Novato, CA)
Cohousing Houston (Houston, TX)
Haystack Heights (Spokane, WA)
Heartwood Commons Cohousing (Tulsa, OK)
Mosaic Village (Calgary, Canada)
River Song Cohousing (Eugene, OR)
Rooted Northwest (Arlington, WA)
Skagit Cohousing (Anacortes, WA)
Truckee Cohousing (Truckee, CA)
Village Hearth Cohousing (Durham NC)
Washington Commons (West Sacramento, CA)

A Sampling of Communities Developed, Managed, and/or Consulted on by Katie McCamant

Berkeley Cohousing (Berkeley, CA)
Doyle Street Cohousing (Emeryville, CA)
Frogsong Cohousing (Cotati, CA)
Germantown Cohousing (Nashville, TN)
La Querencia (Fresno, CA)
Nelson Cohousing (Nelson, BC)
Nevada City Cohousing (Nevada City, CA)
Oakcreek Senior Cohousing (Stillwater, OK)
PDX Commons (Portland, OR)
Pleasant Hill Cohousing (Pleasant Hill, CA)
Quimper Village (Port Townsend, WA)
Ravens’ Roost Cohousing (Anchorage AK)
Temescal Commons Cohousing (Oakland, CA)
Temescal Creek Cohousing (Oakland, CA)
Wolf Creek Lodge (Grass Valley, CA)

See our full project list here.

Testimonial for Katie McCamant

“We began working with Katie McCamant in 2013…we still count on her expertise to keep us out of trouble. Her breadth and depth of cohousing and development experience offered us a unique skill set that has served us well time and time again. Her experience knowing what worked and didn’t for other communities helped us make wise choices about our own common areas and individual units…Her advice is steeped in a rich tea of experience.

Turns out that the investment in Katie has helped our project save time and money in so many ways – giving us templates to start our legal documents, outlining the overall deal structure and helping to negotiate contracts with our consultants.

In addition to all above accolades, Katie is just so fun to work with. She’s always responsive to our questions in a timely manner, good natured, full of anecdotes and flexible. She’s made our why do we need a consultant? naysayers into true supporters of our decision.”

– Susan Fries & Lew Bowers, Residents of PDX Commons

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