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The Peripatetic Communitarian: The Best of Geoph Kozeny
by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

Best of Communities Vol XV digital and print compilation Best of Communities Volume XV
The Peripatetic Communitarian: The Best of Geoph Kozeny
A special selection of articles from Communities: Life in Cooperative Culture
$10 Digital, $15 Print

The Foundation for Intentional Community is pleased to offer you the cream of our crop-the very best articles that have appeared over the last 20 years in our flagship publications: Communities magazine and Communities Directory. We’ve distilled what we consider the most insightful and helpful articles on the topics that you-our readers-have told us you care about most, and have organized them into 15 scintillating collections.

The fifteenth and final issue celebrates the life of Geoff Kozeny, a veteran community networker, author, and former FIC board member. For nearly fifteen years Geoff contributed a back-page essay in Communities spanning topics from parenting to spirituality; diversity to honesty. In 2007, Geoff died of pancreatic cancer. Although his wise words no longer punctuate the end of each issue, his wisdom continues in our actions. We are happy to have compiled all 53 of his “Peripatetic Communitarian” essays in this one compilation set.

Order Volume XV today or get the entire set!

Visions of Utopia DVD setGeoff also produced and edited Volume One of the documentary set Visions of Utopia. Unfortunately, Geoff passed away before finishing Volume Two, but his work was completed by FIC with his blessing. Visions of Utopia Volumes 1 and 2 are available here on DVD and in digital format (rent or buy).



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